Japan Holds Memorial for Tsunami Victims
Japan has observed a moment of silence to remember the nearly 19,000 people who died in the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck two years ago. Read more – ‘Japan Holds Memorial for Tsunami Victims’.
Architecture for Humanity
Architecture for Humanity brings people who care about sustainable development together. We provide a range of design and construction administration services to partners and clients through a global network of design, development and construction professionals with local expertise and knowledge. Site: Read more – ‘Architecture for Humanity’.
Huge tsunami waves smashing town in Japan
As survivors of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami grappled with the enormity of the devastation, more footage emerged on Sunday showing the moment the tsunami struck Japan’s northeast coast. Residents of the port town of Kamaishi in Iwate prefecture watched in horror as the first huge tsunami waves hit, sweeping away cars and buildings. One […] Read more – ‘Huge tsunami waves smashing town in Japan’.
Helicopter aerial view video of giant tsunami waves
A ferocious tsunami spawned by one of the largest earthquakes on record slammed Japan’s eastern coast on Friday, killing hundreds of people as it swept away ships, cars and homes while widespread fires burned out of control. Police said 200 to 300 bodies were found in the northeastern coastal city of Sendai, the city in […] Read more – ‘Helicopter aerial view video of giant tsunami waves’.